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The concept of the True Stories projectlies first and foremost in the sharing ofa common intangible heritage. This is why we are all stakeholders in this project. The stories are free of copyright and anyone is at liberty to take them and share them with the rest of the world.

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« We all have at least one true story to share with the rest of the world »

True Stories is :


Since its creation in 2015, HVM’s goal has been to gather the stories of those who live around the Mediterranean. The association’s authors begin by collecting stories told by people in their own words in all the languages spoken around this sea; they then bring them to us in various forms: picture books, podcasts, videos, live shows etc.

This site is primarily a library, a multimedia, multilingual digital data base to preserve the stories. It is also an interactive laboratory where the inhabitants can upload their stories (in the form of a text, sound or video recording, with or without accompanying photos). Finally, it also aims to gather the stories of their near and dear, to translate the stories that they love and ultimately to be a part of this vital need to redefine ourselves in this common space, across borders.

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