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Par Lori Mendel  /   Texte  /   Israel • Story in English

The first morning after I came home to Israel from a wonderful, but not luxurious trip to Greece I took a cup of coffee and the newspaper up to my roof to catch up. I heard mew mew from the small machsan and found a little black kitten crouched among the old pillows and chairs. After some encouragement I got him to emerge. How did he get up there? Of course, I got some food and milk for him. He stayed. I fed him. When I came up to the roof he would curl up with me as I read. […]

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My son the soldier

Par Daniel Nissan, Tel Aviv  /   Texte  /   Daniel Nissan, Tel Aviv

Golda meir

« C’est à celui qui domine sur les esprits par la force de la vérité, non à ceux qui font les esclaves par la violence, que nous devons nos respects ». Cette citation de Voltaire pourrait faire suite aux mots de Daniel dont le fils, soldat en Israël, a été confronté à un dilemme pendant son service militaire.

Text in French and English

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The pixelated cow

Par Amer Shomali, Ramallah  /   Texte  /   Amer Shomali, Ramallah

L’artiste palestinien Amer Shomali nous raconte pourquoi il a sculpté une vache pixellisée. «68 000 petits cubes que j’ai collés à la main, explique-t-il. C’est ma vache, quand je l’appelle je dis ma vache pixellisée, ou ma vache de Troie.»

Text in French and English + Bonus video.

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My lifelong misconception of balloons

Par Nadine Razzouk  /   Audio  /   Lebanon • Story in English and Arabic


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Life and death

Par George Bael  /   Audio  /   Bethlehem • Story in English


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Do you know what boots mean in armenian?

Par Silvana Jensoussian  /   Audio  /   Bethlehem • Story in English


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Palestine 1 – Settlers 0

Par Zleikha Mohtaseb  /   Audio  /   Hebron • Story in English


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West Bil’in Occupation

Par Basel Mansour  /   Audio  /   Bil'in • Story in English


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A trek from Bil’in to Jerusalem

Par Kefah Mansour  /   Audio  /   Bil'in • Story in English


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Demonic torture in a Libyan prison

Par Rafram Haddad, Jaffa  /   Audio  /   Rafram Haddad, Jaffa

Couverture du livre de rafram Haddad paru en Israël

Rafram Haddad est un photographe israélien. En reportage en Libye sous le régime de Kadhafi, il raconte comment il a été arrêté par la police secrète, détenu et torturé pendant six mois dans les geôles libyennes. Dans cet enfer, seule la faculté de rêver lui a permis de tenir…

Audio in English, text in French

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Jail memories

Par Souleyman Katib, Ramallah  /   Video  /   Souleyman Katib, Ramallah

Parfois, la tension est telle qu’un fou rire parvient à désamorcer l’angoisse. Palestinien originaire de Ramallah, Souleyman Khatib a été emprisonné en Israël dès son plus jeune âge. Il milite aujourd’hui au sein d’un programme pour le rapprochement israélo-palestinien.

Video in English, text in French

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Surprise party

Par Khaled, Alexandrie  /   Audio  /   Khaled, Alexandrie

En Égypte comme ailleurs, pas facile de rester copain avec son ex-femme. Surtout quand, comme Khaled, on se retrouve face à celui qui vous a remplacé, dans son propre appartement, et sous le regard de sa fille ! Ce soir-là, pour l’anniversaire surprise de Leïla, la tension est à son comble… Une histoire qui parlera à beaucoup, pour terminer ce troisième parcours sur un air de fête.

Audio in English, text in French

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How my mother and my father met

Par Etgar Keret, Tel Aviv  /   Video  /   Etgar Keret, Tel Aviv

Le célèbre écrivain israélien Etgar Keret nous raconte comment sa mère a rencontré son père à Tel Aviv. Une belle histoire méditerranéenne pour finir ce parcours sur une note optimiste !

Video in English, text in French

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My Son the Soldier

Par Daniel Nissan  /   Texte  /   Israël • Story in English

July 2006, an hour before sunset. In my home near Tel Aviv, the phone rings. It is my son David. I hadn’t heard from him for a whole week. I was happy that he had found the time to phone us, and was even more happy to know that he was alright. David, 21 years old and in the last months of his military service, was phoning from the north of Israel, and sounded disturbed. That was natural, because he was in the middle of fighting a war. Israel was at war with the extremist Shiite Muslim militia Hizballah in […]

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Sleeping with a Yeti

Par Yochai Maital  /   Audio  /   Tel Aviv • Story in English

[dewplayer:/histoiresvraies/files/gravity_forms/1-8757d837a6587e3c65e5e4dd147b8da0/2013/01/Yochai-Matai-Sleeping-with-a-yeti.mp3] Yochai Maital – Son / Sound Histoire enregistrée en anglais / Story recorded in English

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Trying to be flexible

Par Mishy Harman  /   Audio  /   Tel Aviv • Story in English

[dewplayer:/histoiresvraies/files/gravity_forms/1-8757d837a6587e3c65e5e4dd147b8da0/2013/01/Michy-Harman-Trying-to-be-flexible.mp3] Mishy Harman – Son / Sound Histoire enregistrée en anglais / Story recorded in English

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Playing football in Hebron

Par Zleikha Muhtaseb  /   Audio  /   Hebron • Story in English

[dewplayer:/histoiresvraies/files/gravity_forms/1-8757d837a6587e3c65e5e4dd147b8da0/2013/01/Zleikha-Hebron-football.mp3] Zleikha Muhtaseb – Son / Sound Histoire enregistrée en anglais / Story recorded in English

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Few hours in Haifa

Par Salam  /   Texte  /   Nablus • Story in English

Today, my mother told me that I have the permission to enter Haifa and Akka from the so-called “Israeli government”. I was really excited and started preparing myself while imagining the sea in front of me. The words started to form sentences in my mind: “Finally your dream came true, you are going to see what others had taken from your country, the precious Mediterranean Sea.” I didn’t sleep, I just waited for tomorrow. I told my sister that I would wake her up because I would be the first who’s awake. The sun started to shine and we were […]

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Broken arms and self-sufficiency

Par Renad Shqeirat  /   Audio  /   Ramallah • Story in English


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A true story from Nablus

I discovered this story watching this documentary: In the spider’s web, produced in 2004 by Al-Haq and directed by Hanna Musleh (http://thisweekinpalestine.com/details.php?catid=11&id=1505&edid=108).   The film, says the Youtube note, is part of Al-Haq’s campaign to stop collective punishment practiced by Israeli occupying forces against Palestinians. Bellow is the transcription of the English subtitles of Maysoun’s story: I am Maysoun Salah Nayef Hayek. I was married to martyr Muhammad Abdallah Daoud Hayek. We has a very simple wedding because of the political events and checkpoints, and also because there were many martyrs. We respected the situation. Anyone who gets married dreams […]

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